Who are we ?

The Mémorial de la catastrophe de 1902 – Musée Frank A. Perret is a museum of the town of Saint-Pierre benefiting from Musée de France status and managed since December 2018 by the Fondation Clément via the Culturabam endowment fund as part of a seven-year public service delegation.
The permanent collection of the Mémorial de la Catastrophe de 1902 – Musée Frank A. Perret bears testimony to the eruptions of Mount Pelée and the destruction of the town of Saint-Pierre. The museum’s aim is to reach the widest possible public and to encourage the construction of a shared heritage by providing information and knowledge in the light of ongoing research. Both a place of memory and an instrument of cultural awareness, it appeals to the humanity of each visitor and highlights a history and shared memory. Its architectural quality and resolutely contemporary museographic ambitions contribute to Saint-Pierre’s influence as a “Ville d’art et d’histoire”.



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